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My French Farm is an actual working farm (in progress). The french farm was created in direct response to the destruction of the home that my family and I lost in an arson caused wildfire that swept through the Southern California foothills in the summer of 2006. Despite the loss, inconvenience and downright exasperation, we have rebuilt our home and are determined to once again make our home and land into something productive, beautiful and unique.

We initially started out wanting to fill the hillsides with a few citrus trees and soon realized that many more would be needed. After we had planted several hundred orange, lemon, tangerine, lime and grapefruit trees, we began to think we might actually have a real citrus grove. Last spring we planted three hundred and fifty lavender plants and are now awaiting their blooms and the sweet smells that follow. Once we got going we thought how great it would be have a real working farm where we could actually produce, share and maybe one day sell the actual fruits of our labor.

So in the meantime we determined that we needed to share some of the great finds that we had discovered in the process of re-building our home. Christie (daughter in-law), Lila (soon to be daughter in-law), and Kim (my sister) all had a hand in helping me put my life back in order and I once again called upon them to join me in putting together a collection of things that we all thought were unique, pretty, and of course French! And so here we are working a grove, tending to the lavender, and having a great time assembling and sharing what we have made, purchased and love. We hope that you too find something you can’t live without and visit us soon at one of My French Farm barn sales. K. Collins

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